Bring Your Classic Car Back to Life

Learn more about our vehicle restoration services in El Paso, TX

Classic car restoration work isn't something you should treat lightly. If you want to find a professional team that will take care of your car, turn to VIP Body Shop in El Paso, TX. Our vehicle restoration experts understand how to take care of classic cars. We treat these valuable vehicles with care and take our time to ensure every job is done correctly.

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Find out more about our restoration services

Do you have a classic car that you'd like to restore? When providing your vehicle restoration services, we'll:

Cover up scratches and other marks

Match the paint color of your car carefully

Apply your paint properly for a smooth finish

Our careful matching process is an essential part of our restoration process. By taking our time to match your old paint color, we can make your classic car look like it just rolled off the lot. Speak with our owner today about restoring your vehicle.