Restoring Your Vehicle After a Crash

We'll handle your property damage claim repairs in El Paso, TX

If an accident leaves your car in rough shape, you'll need to find an auto shop that can accept your claim. VIP Body Shop in El Paso, TX takes property damage claims. Our professionals can document your vehicle's damage and assist you with your claim if needed, and we'll tackle all of your repairs.

Contact us today for help with your car crash property damage claim.

Providing the repair services you need

Do you need a shop to handle the work for your property damage claim? We'll document the damage to your vehicle and tackle every repair. You can trust our professionals to:

Replace damaged parts covered by the claim

Fix any issues in your car's interior

Repair exterior damage

We handle bodywork and interior work, so you won't have to take your vehicle anywhere else. If you have any questions about our car crash property damage repair services, reach out to us now.